Character Rig personal project


Chi is a character which I started to work mid 2016 in my free time when I was working for a company. I wanted to practice organic modeling and to build a rig with FK/Ik switch for the legs and arms. My goal was to end up with a rig which I will have fun practicing animation. 

I did a research on Neuron Axis motion capture system with an early build of the rig.


Technical Animation Artist

Project Myron


Project Myron is a full body immersive VR game combining technologies of different mediums. Each player wears motion capture suit,

gloves tracking fingers' movement, a backpack PC & VR goggles resulting in a fully immersive VR game. 


Work Done: character rigging, weight painting, character modelling & UVs. Concept art for props and objects, game design 

Software: Maya 2017, RoadKill UVs, Substance painter, Photoshop

Character Design & Sculpt: Karolis Jurkstaitis

Company: Xsens Technologies B.V.

Year: 2017


3D Animator and character rigger



WizFit is an exergame that was built for the platform called 'Kiosk', created by the fitness software company Virtugym. The player has to stand in front of the kiosk and run at his place, in order to make the character move forward in game. The player can only move forward and sideways to dodge obstacles. 


Work Done: character modeling/UV & rigging, weight painting, animation

Software: Maya 2015, RoadKill UVs

Character Design: Erik van Megen

Company: Virtuagym

Year: 2016

Vehicle Project


The project aim was to experiment building a rig of a hard surface model and then implement it into Unreal engine.


The process of this projects creation can be found in my blog. I am using a different rig in Unreal because the resolution of the interior of the Evo is pretty low and doesnt look nice in cockpit FPC view. I just found the BMW model after I had already created the Evo rig. The BMW in Unreal uses the same rig as the Evo with the only difference that I didnt use the Control Curves in the Maya scene.

Facial Rig


The goal for this project is to create a facial rig which combines blend shapes and joint based rig. The goal for the setup is to use combination of joint based rig blendshapes and nodes to make flexible character capable of wide range of emotions.